The blog of silence.

It’s been quiet around here and there is one reason why; I’ve been deeply engrossed in finishing up my graduate degree. Specifically, I’ve spent the last month working on my thesis, editing, revising, and preparing for the defense. With that successfully passed (yay!) I can now wind down on graduate school. I’ve got a few classes to finish and two papers to complete, but outside of that I’m on the home stretch. So, for all of you that follow this blog, sorry and thanks for following! I will post more often.

I have thought recently about silence, though. In the blogosphere, those who don’t post regularly often get relegated to the pits of the internet world. Low page views, few (if any) comments, and a general lack of excitement around the net space. Silence, in this case, can be deadly. After running a moderately successful music blog, I understand this concept perfectly. We only get hits when we post. This is in tension with our everyday lives though, because I think silence has a very important place.

Usually, when I would drive to campus for my classes, I would have music playing. It’s something most of us do and I think most of us don’t really think of the meaning behind it. The constant hum of notes fills the vehicles we drive, often times with the windows up, drowning out the world and our thoughts. But in recent weeks, I’ve driven home at night without music. I’m usually heading home around 10 p.m. it seems and at that point the streets are relatively quiet. The town shuts down early on weekdays, as it’s just small enough still to do so. It’s in these silent times on the drive that a rush of thoughts come into my head. Often times, I feel like I have a much clearer head after the drive. Even more so, if I’m walking somewhere I won’t have head phones in. While this is hardly silent, it is quieting. It is a necessary break from the hectic schedule I live in.

In our over stimulated online world, silence is looked down upon. This translates into our jobs, families, and hobbies. We need to constantly have stimulation, noise, and “something” going on. But being silent, even if it’s only for a moment, is healthy. I’ve found it incredibly enriching. Silence is golden, and I think necessary.

Unless of course, you are trying to run a blog.


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