Today is the day.

After two very intense years, I am graduating today with my M.A. in Literature from Colorado State University. It’s been a whirlwind of an experience, and I really value everything I’ve learned in that time. It’s been an experience that has shaped me, changed me, challenged me and filled me with lots of good experiences and memories. At the same time, I feel like this hasn’t been everything I expected it to be. I’ve realized the beaten shape that my discipline is in (financially mostly). The building that was my home for the past two years, which just in the past year had some of the rooms upgraded, sits right across the walkway from a multi-million dollar Behavioral Sciences Building. Clearly, the money in academia is not going to the Arts and Humanities. This has made me question my chosen direction, but after completing this degree, I still ultimately feel it was worth it.

There is immense value in being trained to think in the way I have and I hope that I can impart that value onto others. There’s a severe amount of anti-intellectualism in certain aspects of American culture right now, and I hope that by showing others why it’s valuable to study something so seemingly non-utilitarian as Literature, that I can help curb that. Because higher critical thought helps to make sense of the world, even if it ultimately doesn’t make the kind of sense you thought it would.

I’ll wrap up this wandering blog post by stating that I am hoping to use this blog as vehicle to communicate those ideas and the value in them. I hope those of you who read will join with me in this project. Thanks for reading!



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