Many of you may have heard about the fires that are presently raging in Colorado. I live in Fort Collins, which is just outside of the High Park Fire, which has burned nearly 90,000 acres at this point and nowhere near contained. However, the fire lines are holding and so far it is burning less populated areas. However, my hometown of Colorado Springs has a smaller but much more destructive fire raging in it’s city limits. This wildfire, the Waldo Canyon fire, has displaced thousands and burned numerous homes and neighborhoods.

It’s very hot and dry in Colorado and there is no major rainfall forecast for the foreseeable future. This means that, in our particularly windy state, there is a huge chance for these fires to get out of control quickly. Apart from these two fires there are nine others burning in the state at the moment. I, nor anyone in my family are not presently in danger. However, it is hard to watch historic parts and neighborhoods of my hometown burn and all of us in the state are feeling the unease of wildfires that could go out of control with the change of wind.

I know that forest fires and the like are a necessity to the health of the ecosystem and many of these are not arsonist/human in origin. It doesn’t change the destruction they will leave in their path though. The forest will grow back, but lives can’t. I had a man come into work the past few days who lost his home and pretty much everything else in the High Park Fire. He is obviously distressed, but is also trying to pick himself up as fast as he can. I wish him luck.

All this to say is, please keep the state in your thoughts and prayers. There are many brave people fighting these fires and I have nothing but appreciation for them.


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