The psychic power of your smart phone.

Psychic powers don’t exist. There is no way for me to transmit my thoughts into your brain just by willing it. This is a typical skeptic response and one that I’ve uttered many times (and still wholeheartedly endorse). When it comes to the supernatural or magical, I’m pretty critical and it takes a lot for me to find my way to believing in it (this precisely why God-belief has been such a struggle for me. It’s also why I cling so strongly to Jesus, but that’s another post for another day). However, I am open to exploring the possibility that we have inadvertently created our own psychic phenomenon; through that little gadget called a smart phone.

In the current age of the digital realm, my thoughts are open to communication twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Typing this blog post is a small example of this, as my thoughts pour onto the computer screen and with the push of a button, I will have transmitted my thoughts to anyone who will listen. A step further is text messaging. I can send whatever random thought to any friend who has the ability  to receive it and, so long as they are willing to respond quickly, I can receive a message back in less than a minute. Without ever uttering a word, we can exchange thoughts in an instant. Over hundreds of miles even. The reality of the world we live in is one of immediacy and the quick thought expulsion that happens is a mere reflection of this.

I’m not trying to get down on smart phones. I own one. It’s the one pictured above.* It has helped me to be better at responding to emails, keeping in contact with people and been a great distraction. I’ve read great books on it and wasted hours flinging birds. However, it gives me the ability to not retain any thought for later explanation. I can send it to “you” instantaneously. In fact, I can even gain mental abilities I never would have had. I’ll never get lost again, thanks to GPS. I’ll always have the answer I need to a question thanks to 4G networks and Google. See my point? My brain can now do things only science fiction could imagine 50 years ago and all I need is a little piece of technology that weighs less than some decks of cards. Technology is great, but sometimes the ways it changes us can be astounding and maybe even a little terrifying.

*For you Apple fanatics out there, don’t hate on me for having an Android phone. By the way, I think this phone is awesome.


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