Doubt vs. faith; a few quotes.

I’ve been reading through Greg Boyd’s Benefit of the Doubt recently and these quotes from chapter 10, “Substantial Hope,” really got to me this morning. Once I finish the book, I plan to have an extended discussion on it here, but for now, here are a few very hopeful quotes.


“You need not be certain that a belief is true or that something you believe to be God’s will is going to come to pass in order to have faith. You merely need to be confident enough to commit to a course of action.” (216)

“Faith is the substantiating of things hoped for and the conviction of things not yet seen.” (216)

“People may consciously affirm all true beliefs while unconsciously exercising a faith that is largely conformed to the ‘pattern of the world’ (Rom. 12:2) and that is therefore pulling them in a direction that is contrary to their beliefs. This is why so many people are puzzled about the perpetual stark mismatch between their beliefs and their actual life. According to our faith, Jesus said, not our beliefs, it is done.” (217)

I don’t know if that encourages anyone else, but it’s nice to hear someone articulate a way to approach faith that isn’t linked to ideological certainty (which is pretty much the whole point of the book).

Do you find these ideas encouraging? Why or why not?



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